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A full day dedicated to mass timber constructions for both aspiring professionals and experts. Featuring a mix of local and international speakers, with research and case studies, it is a great chance to keep up with all the latest developments and engage in unique networking.
During the seminar there will be a focus on innovations in timber constructions and connections, sustainability, passive house design, the fire resistance of timber structures, the fire reaction of building materials, the waterproofing and airtightness of the timber buildings, the acoustic design, examples and case studies of mass timber structures, the future of timber structures and the challenges to face.


This seminar is for designers, structural engineers, and timber construction enthusiasts seeking to create and build significant relationships within the sector. A chance to stay updated with the latest construction trends and technologies on the market.


Peter Theobald - Rothoblaas
Stefano Muscoloni - Rothoblaas
Matteo Andreottola - Rothoblaas
Matt Stevenson - ECOSystems Technologies
Dave Cleverley - Intelligent Wood Systems
Jesus Menendez - Zero Energy Passivhouse
Syd Birnie - Glulam Solution
Peter Wilson - Mass Timber Academy

The subscription includes:
Price of the course, lunch and 2 coffee breaks

BE-ST, Unit 3B, Hamilton International Technology Park, 3 Watt Pl, Blantyre, Glasgow G72 0AH

08:30:00 08:50:00

Check in & refreshment

08:50:00 09:20:00

Introduction of the course and history of the company Rothoblaas

Peter Theobald - Rothoblaas
09:20:00 09:50:00

The acoustic design in timber buildings

Stefano Muscoloni - Rothoblaas: Research and development, characterization, product ETA and future perspectives of acoustic design.
09:50:00 10:30:00

Waterproofing and air-tightness of timber buildings

Matteo Andreottola - Rothoblaas: How to design properly a build up, choose the right membranes and materials to avoid condensation risk, guarantee durability and correct fire reaction.
10:30:00 11:00:00

Coffee Break

11:00:00 11:45:00

Transforming Timber

Matt Stevenson - ECOSystems Technologies: UK homegrown mass timber journey from concept to commercialisation.
11:45:00 12:15:00

Innovating timber to be a building material for the future

Dave Cleverley - Intelligent Wood Systems
12:15:00 13:15:00


13:15:00 14:00:00

The innovative connections for mass timber structures

Matteo Andreottola - Rothoblaas: Solutions for timber multi-storey structures, connections for large spans timber beams, and innovative solutions for CLT structures.
14:00:00 14:30:00

Resilient airtightness for Passivhaus timber buildings

Jesus Menendez - Zero Energy Passivhouse
14:30:00 15:00:00

Mass timber projects in Scotland and the challenges faced

Syd Birnie - Glulam Solution
15:00:00 15:30:00

Coffee Break

15:30:00 16:00:00


Matteo Andreottola - Rothoblaas: The fire reaction of the membranes for ventilated facades and other solutions. Details and solutions to guarantee the fire resistance.
16:00:00 16:30:00

Building a New World

Peter Wilson - Mass Timber Academy: The Mass Timber Revolution.
16:30:00 17:30:00

Closing - beers and final refreshment