Rotho Blaas processes the data of the people who apply for a position with the company by entering their personal data in the form shown below via the company’s home page or send their C.V. to the company by email.
We will use the stored data for recruitment purposes only to meet our operational requirements.
We therefore point out that your personal data is only stored and processed on paper and/or in electronic form to evaluate the company’s possible interest in a future employment relationship. The data shall be held for a maximum period of 24 months and then deleted, except if a communication to the contrary is received from the data subject.
The company’s IT and organizational system guarantees full compliance with appropriate security measures to protect your personal data.
The data is provided on a voluntary basis. Should you refuse to give consent to the subsequent processing of your personal data, the undersigned company will be unable to insert your data into its own archive and is prohibited from establishing a possible contractual relationship with you in future.
Your personal data may be communicated to the following categories of recipients, who are commissioned in writing as internal or external data processors and receive specific written instructions: